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Readiness of the first Local Renewable team joining Diaa SAKAKA Project

NOMAC is proud to announce the readiness of the first group of the local renewable team those who will join Diaa SAKAKA Project, effective July 22, 2018.

The first group of the SAKAKA renewable team was engaged in 9 months special assignment in which they completed an extensive training program of 3 month at Shuaa Solar PV Power Plant - Dubai and 6 months at Noor Plants – Morocco. The training program was designed to train Engineers and technicians by getting a comprehensive introduction to the various available renewable energy technologies, taking theoretical lectures, state of the art practical exercises and field excursions accompanied by international networking with their peers at the respective sites.

This training program is a continuation of the company strategic approach to build the required local capabilities that can lead the renewable energy projects in KSA. Furthermore, this strategic approach promotes the increased collaboration and new ways that positively impacting the relationship between the teams of NOMAC family in the different geographical locations. Shuaa and Noor leadership teams played an important role for their collaboration to invest time and resources in training this new renewable team and contribute in the success of this program.

NOMAC is confident that this team will make a great benefit of what they have learned and will build on it to develop the required experiences that will enable them to operate Diaa SAKAKA Plant at its best and help our customers to reach their business goals.

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